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Volume 55, Number 5, September 2010

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Inclusion Probabilities and Dropout
pp. 1171-1173(3)
Authors: Curran, James M.; Buckleton, John

Modeling Forensic DNA Database Performance
pp. 1174-1183(10)
Authors: Walsh, Simon J.; Curran, James M.; Buckleton, John S.

Comparison of Mitotyper Rules and Phylogenetic-based mtDNA Nomenclature Systems
pp. 1184-1189(6)
Authors: Polanskey, Deborah; Den Hartog, Bobi K.; Elling, John W.; Fisher, Constance L.; Kepler, Russell B.; Budowle, Bruce

Automated Alignment and Nomenclature for Consistent Treatment of Polymorphisms in the Human Mitochondrial DNA Control Region
pp. 1190-1195(6)
Authors: Budowle, Bruce; Polanskey, Deborah; Fisher, Constance L.; Den Hartog, Bobi K.; Kepler, Russell B.; Elling, John W.

Variability of the Entire Mitochondrial DNA Control Region in a Human Isolate from the Pas Valley (Northern Spain)
pp. 1196-1201(6)
Authors: Cardoso, Sergio; Zarrabeitia, María T.; Valverde, Laura; Odriozola, Adrian; Alfonso-Sánchez, Miguel Á.; de Pancorbo, Marian M.

An Assessment of the Utility of Universal and Specific Genetic Markers for Opium Poppy Identification
pp. 1202-1208(7)
Authors: Lee, Eun J.; Hwang, In K.; Kim, Nam Y.; Lee, Kyung L.; Han, Myun S.; Lee, Yang H.; Kim, Mu Y.; Yang, Moon S.

Potency Trends of Δ9-THC and Other Cannabinoids in Confiscated Cannabis Preparations from 1993 to 2008
pp. 1209-1217(9)
Authors: Mehmedic, Zlatko; Chandra, Suman; Slade, Desmond; Denham, Heather; Foster, Susan; Patel, Amit S.; Ross, Samir A.; Khan, Ikhlas A.; ElSohly, Mahmoud A.

Nanomanipulation-Coupled Nanospray Mass Spectrometry Applied to the Extraction and Analysis of Trace Analytes Found on Fibers
pp. 1218-1221(4)
Authors: Ledbetter, Nicole L.; Walton, Barbara L.; Davila, Pedro; Hoffmann, William D.; Ernest, Richard N.; Verbeck, Guido F.

Striation Density for Predicting the Identifiability of Fired Bullets with Automated Inspection Systems
pp. 1222-1226(5)
Authors: Chu, Wei; Song, John; Vorburger, Theodore; Ballou, Susan

Virtual Reality and 3D Animation in Forensic Visualization
pp. 1227-1231(5)
Authors: Ma, Minhua; Zheng, Huiru; Lallie, Harjinder

Knot-Tying Habits, Tier Handedness, and Experience
pp. 1232-1244(13)
Author: Chisnall, Robert C.

Postmortem Computed Tomography Findings of Upper Airway Obstruction by Food
pp. 1251-1258(8)
Authors: Iino, Morio; O’Donnell, Chris

Classification of Asphyxia: The Need for Standardization
pp. 1259-1267(9)
Authors: Sauvageau, Anny; Boghossian, Elie

Mechanism of Death in Hanging: A Historical Review of the Evolution of Pathophysiological Hypotheses
pp. 1268-1271(4)
Authors: Clément, Renaud; Redpath, Margaret; Sauvageau, Anny

Respiratory, Circulatory, and Neurological Responses to Hanging: A Review of Animal Models
pp. 1272-1277(6)
Authors: Boghossian, Elie; Clément, Renaud; Redpath, Margaret; Sauvageau, Anny

Agonal Sequences in Eight Filmed Hangings: Analysis of Respiratory and Movement Responses to Asphyxia by Hanging
pp. 1278-1281(4)
Authors: Sauvageau, Anny; LaHarpe, Romano; Geberth, Vernon J.

Forensic Document Examiners’ Skill in Distinguishing Between Natural and Disguised Handwriting Behaviors
pp. 1291-1295(5)
Authors: Bird, Carolyne; Found, Bryan; Rogers, Doug

Identification of the Class Characteristics in the Handwriting of Polish People Writing in English
pp. 1296-1303(8)
Authors: Turnbull, Susan J.; Jones, Allison E.; Allen, Mike

Concentrations of Opiates and Psychotropic Agents in Polydrug Overdoses: A Surprising Correlation Between Morphine and Antidepressants
pp. 1319-1325(7)
Authors: Minett, William J.; Moore, Tara L.; Juhascik, Matthew P.; Nields, Henry M.; Hull, Mindy J.

Body Height Estimation from Head and Face Dimensions: A Different Method
pp. 1326-1330(5)
Authors: Pelin, Can; Zağyapan, Ragıba; Yazıcı, Canan; Kürkçüoğlu, Ayla

Investigation of Reproducibility and Error Associated with qPCR Methods using Quantifiler® Duo DNA Quantification Kit
pp. 1331-1339(9)
Authors: Grgicak, Catherine M.; Urban, Zena M.; Cotton, Robin W.

Sensitivity of the Luminol Test with Blue Denim
pp. 1340-1342(3)
Authors: Middlestead, Caitlyn; Thornton, John

Magnetic Fingerprint Powder from a Mineral Indigenous to Thailand
pp. 1343-1346(4)
Authors: Thonglon, Thatsanee; Chaikum, Nopadol

If Brain Scans Really Detected Deception, Who Would Volunteer to be Scanned?
pp. 1352-1355(4)
Authors: Spence, Sean A.; Hope-Urwin, Alexandra; Lankappa, Sudheer T.; Woodhead, Jean; Burgess, Jenny C.L.; Mackay, Alice V.

The Effect of Decalcifying Solutions on Hemosiderin Staining
pp. 1356-1358(3)
Authors: Byard, Roger W.; Bellis, Maria

Trichophyton Mentagrophytes Perforates Hair of Adult Corpses in the Gaseous Period
pp. 1359-1361(3)
Authors: Filho, Renato Evando M.; Sidrim, José Júlio C.; Cordeiro, Rossana de A.; Caetano, Erica P.; Rocha, Marcos Fabio G.; Brilhante, Raimunda Sâmia N.

Determination of Adenosine Phosphates in Rat Gastrocnemius at Various Postmortem Intervals Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography
pp. 1362-1366(5)
Authors: Huang, Hong; Yan, Youyi; Zuo, Zhong; Yang, Lin; Li, Bin; Song, Yu; Liao, Linchuan

Less-Lethal Hybrid Ammunition Wounds: A Forensic Assessment Introducing Bullet-Skin-Bone Entity
pp. 1367-1370(4)
Authors: de Freminville, Humbert; Prat, Nicolas; Rongieras, Frederic; Voiglio, Eric J.

Ricochet of a Bullet in the Spinal Canal: A Case Report and Review of the Literature on Bullet Migration
pp. 1371-1374(4)
Authors: Farrugia, Audrey; Raul, Jean-sébastien; Géraut, Annie; Ludes, Bertrand

“Murder–Suicide” or “Murder–Accident”? Difficulties with the Analysis of Cases
pp. 1375-1377(3)
Authors: Byard, Roger W.; Veldhoen, David; Kobus, Hilton; Heath, Karen

Sudden Death After Myocardial Infarction in a High-School Athlete
pp. 1378-1379(2)
Authors: Sivridis, Efthimios; Pavlidis, Pavlos; Stamos, Charilaos; Giatromanolaki, Alexandra

Two Fatal Cases of Hidden Pneumonia in Young People
pp. 1380-1383(4)
Authors: Ventura, Francesco; Bonsignore, Alessandro; Gentile, Raffaella; De Stefano, Francesco

Cardiac Sudden Death as a Result of Acute Coronary Artery Thrombosis During Chemotherapy for Testicular Carcinoma
pp. 1384-1388(5)
Authors: Panella, Michael; Ross, Janice E.; Garvin, Keene; Martin, Alex

Cocaine-Induced Intracerebral Hemorrhage in a Patient with Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy
pp. 1389-1392(4)
Authors: Shvartsbeyn, Marianna; Phillips, Daniel G. K.; Markey, Michael A.; Morrison, Alan; DeJong, Joyce L.; Castellani, Rudy J.

A Catathymic Infanticide
pp. 1393-1396(4)
Author: Meloy, J. Reid

Review of: Handbook of Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology
pp. 1398-1398(1)
Author: Eisenberg, Leslie E.

Review of: Handbook of Forensic Science
pp. 1399-1399(1)
Author: Graham, Eleanor A.M.

Review of: Color Atlas of Forensic Medicine and Pathology
pp. 1400-1400(1)
Author: Middleton, Owen

Review of: Forensic Nursing: A Concise Manual
pp. 1401-1402(2)
Author: Sullivan, Mary K.

Review of: Evaluating Eyewitness Identification
pp. 1403-1404(2)
Authors: Torry, Zachary D.; Billick, Stephen B.

Review of: An Introduction to Microscopy
pp. 1405-1405(1)
Author: Crowder, Christian

Review of: An Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation
pp. 1406-1406(1)
Author: Houck, Max M.

Review of: Investigating Digital Crime
pp. 1408-1408(1)
Author: Pollitt, Mark M.

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