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Volume 109, Number 3, September 2010

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Open Access Bartonellosis, an increasingly recognized zoonosis
pp. 743-750(8)
Authors: Chomel, B.B.; Kasten, R.W.

Open Access Effect of a transient perturbation on marine bacterial communities with contrasting history
pp. 751-762(12)
Authors: Zemb, O.; West, N.; Bourrain, M.; Godon, J.J.; Lebaron, P.

Open Access Phylogenetic diversity of gene sequences isolated from the rumen as analysed using a self-organizing map (SOM)
pp. 763-770(8)
Authors: Mitsumori, M.; Nakagawa, S.; Matsui, H.; Shinkai, T.; Takenaka, A.

Open Access Culture dependent and independent analyses of bacterial communities involved in copper plumbing corrosion
pp. 771-782(12)
Authors: Pavissich, J.P.; Vargas, I.T.; González, B.; Pastén, P.A.; Pizarro, G.E.

Open Access Differentiation of probiotic and environmental Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains in animal feed
pp. 783-791(9)
Authors: Büchl, N.R.; Hutzler, M.; Mietke-Hofmann, H.; Wenning, M.; Scherer, S.

Open Access Microbial transformation of ginsenosides Rb1, Rb3 and Rc by Fusarium sacchari
pp. 792-798(7)
Authors: Han, Y.; Sun, B.; Jiang, B.; Hu, X.; Spranger, M.I.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, Y.

Open Access Antibody–aptamer functionalized fibre-optic biosensor for specific detection of Listeria monocytogenes from food
pp. 808-817(10)
Authors: Ohk, S.H.; Koo, O.K.; Sen, T.; Yamamoto, C.M.; Bhunia, A.K.

Open Access The detection of enteric viruses in selected urban and rural river water and sewage in Kenya, with special reference to rotaviruses
pp. 818-828(11)
Authors: Kiulia, N.M.; Netshikweta, R.; Page, N.A.; van Zyl, W.B.; Kiraithe, M.M.; Nyachieo, A.; Mwenda, J.M.; Taylor, M.B.

Open Access Multi-locus sequence types of Campylobacter carried by flies and slugs acquired from local ruminant faeces
pp. 829-838(10)
Authors: Sproston, E.L.; Ogden, I.D.; MacRae, M.; Forbes, K.J.; Dallas, J.F.; Sheppard, S.K.; Cody, A.; Colles, F.; Wilson, M.J.; Strachan, N.J.C.

Open Access T-RFLP reveals high β-Proteobacteria diversity in microbial fuel cells enriched with domestic wastewater
pp. 839-850(12)
Authors: Lefebvre, O.; Ha Nguyen, T.T.; Al-Mamun, A.; Chang, I.S.; Ng, H.Y.

Open Access The effect of Pediococcus acidilactici on the gut microbiota and immune status of on-growing red tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
pp. 851-862(12)
Authors: Ferguson, R.M.W.; Merrifield, D.L.; Harper, G.M.; Rawling, M.D.; Mustafa, S.; Picchietti, S.; Balcázar, J.L.; Davies, S.J.

Open Access smcL as a novel diagnostic marker for quantitative detection of Listeria ivanovii in biological samples
pp. 863-872(10)
Authors: Rodríguez-Lázaro, D.; López-Enríquez, L.; Hernández, M.

Open Access Presence of typical and atypical virulence genes in vibrio isolates belonging to the Harveyi clade
pp. 888-899(12)
Authors: Ruwandeepika, H.A.D.; Defoirdt, T.; Bhowmick, P.P.; Shekar, M.; Bossier, P.; Karunasagar, I.

Open Access New approach to use ethidium bromide monoazide as an analytical tool
pp. 900-909(10)
Authors: Minami, J.; Yoshida, K.; Soejima, T.; Yaeshima, T.; Iwatsuki, K.

Open Access Molecular monitoring of fungal communities in air samples by denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography (D-HPLC)
pp. 910-917(8)
Authors: Nieguitsila, A.; Goldenberg, O.; Deville, M.; Arné, P.; Benoît-Valiergue, H.; Chermette, R.; Latouche-Cottenot, S.; Pissard, S.; Guillot, J.

Open Access Diversity of vibrios in the haemolymph of the spider crab Maja brachydactyla
pp. 918-926(9)
Authors: Gomez-Gil, B.; Roque, A.; Lacuesta, B.; Rotllant, G.

Open Access Identification of a new adhesin-like protein from Lactobacillus mucosae ME-340 with specific affinity to the human blood group A and B antigens
pp. 927-935(9)
Authors: Watanabe, M.; Kinoshita, H.; Nitta, M.; Yukishita, R.; Kawai, Y.; Kimura, K.; Taketomo, N.; Yamazaki, Y.; Tateno, Y.; Miura, K.; Horii, A.; Kitazawa, H.; Saito, T.

Open Access Distribution of type III secretion systems in Vibrio parahaemolyticus from the northern Gulf of Mexico
pp. 953-962(10)
Authors: Noriea III, N.F.; Johnson, C.N.; Griffitt, K.J.; Grimes, D.J.

Open Access Functional enhancement of Sake yeast strains to minimize the production of ethyl carbamate in Sake wine
pp. 963-973(11)
Authors: Dahabieh, M.S.; Husnik, J.I.; van Vuuren, H.J.J.

Open Access Cloning of the RNase H genes from a metagenomic DNA library: identification of a new type 1 RNase H without a typical active-site motif
pp. 974-983(10)
Authors: Kanaya, E.; Sakabe, T.; Nguyen, N.T.; Koikeda, S.; Koga, Y.; Takano, K.; Kanaya, S.

Open Access The evaluation of the microbial safety of fresh ready-to-eat vegetables produced by different technologies in Italy
pp. 996-1006(11)
Authors: De Giusti, M.; Aurigemma, C.; Marinelli, L.; Tufi, D.; De Medici, D.; Di Pasquale, S.; De Vito, C.; Boccia, A.

Open Access Quorum quenching bacteria protect Macrobrachium rosenbergii larvae from Vibrio harveyi infection
pp. 1007-1016(10)
Authors: Nhan, D.T.; Cam, D.T.V.; Wille, M.; Defoirdt, T.; Bossier, P.; Sorgeloos, P.

Open Access Dynamics in the microbiology of maize silage during whole-season storage
pp. 1017-1026(10)
Authors: Storm, I.M.L.D.; Kristensen, N.B.; Raun, B.M.L.; Smedsgaard, J.; Thrane, U.

Open Access Optimization of physico-chemical and nutritional parameters for a novel pullulan-producing fungus, Eurotium chevalieri
pp. 1035-1043(9)
Authors: Gaur, R.; Singh, R.; Tiwari, S.; Yadav, S.K.; Daramwal, N.S.

Open Access The occurrence of Campylobacter in river water and waterfowl within a watershed in southern Ontario, Canada
pp. 1053-1066(14)
Authors: Van Dyke, M.I.; Morton, V.K.; McLellan, N.L.; Huck, P.M.

Open Access Development of a homologous expression system for rubber oxygenase RoxA from Xanthomonas sp.
pp. 1067-1075(9)
Authors: Hambsch, N.; Schmitt, G.; Jendrossek, D.

Open Access Regulation of the sdsA alkyl sulfatase of Pseudomonas sp. ATCC19151 and its involvement in degradation of anionic surfactants
pp. 1076-1083(8)
Authors: Jovcic, B.; Venturi, V.; Davison, J.; Topisirovic, L.; Kojic, M.

Open Access Detection and molecular characterization of enteric viruses in environmental samples in Monastir, Tunisia between January 2003 and April 2007
pp. 1093-1104(12)
Authors: Sdiri-Loulizi, K.; Hassine, M.; Aouni, Z.; Gharbi-Khelifi, H.; Chouchane, S.; Sakly, N.; Neji-Guédiche, M.; Pothier, P.; Aouni, M.; Ambert-Balay, K.

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