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Volume 88, Number 5, May 2005

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Local Phenomena in Oxides by Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy
pp. 1077-1098(22)
Authors: Kalinin, Sergei V.; Shao, Rui; Bonnell, Dawn A.

Stability of Mullite Protective Coatings for Silicon-Based Ceramics
pp. 1099-1107(9)
Authors: Krishnamurthy, Ramanathan; Sheldon, Brian W.; Haynes, J. Allen

Porous Ceramic Bodies with Interconnected Pore Channels by a Novel Freeze Casting Technique
pp. 1108-1114(7)
Authors: Araki, Kiyoshi; Halloran, John W.

Effect of Liquid Phase Sintering on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Yb2O3-AlN Containing SiC-Based Ceramics
pp. 1115-1121(7)
Authors: Izhevskyi, V. A.; Bressiani, A. H. A.; Bressiani, J. C.

Fixing Arsenic in Alkali-Activated Cementitious Matrices
pp. 1122-1126(5)
Authors: Fernández-Jiménez, A.; Palomo, A.; Macphee, D. E.; Lachowski, E. E.

Deterministic Microgrinding, Lapping, and Polishing of Glass–Ceramics
pp. 1127-1132(6)
Authors: Lambropoulos, John C.; Jacobs, Stephen D.; Gillman, Birgit E.; Stevens, Harrie J.

Oxidation of Silicon Nitride in Wet Air and Effect of Lutetium Disilicate Coating
pp. 1139-1144(6)
Authors: Suetsuna, Tomohiro; Ohji, Tatsuki

Zirconia–Mullite Composites Consolidated by Spark Plasma Reaction Sintering from Zircon and Alumina
pp. 1150-1157(8)
Authors: Rocha-Rangel, Enrique; Díaz-de-la-Torre, Sebastián; Umemoto, Minoru; Miyamoto, Hiroki; Balmori-Ramírez, Heberto

Camber Development During the Cofiring of Bi-Layer Glass-Based Dielectric Laminate
pp. 1165-1170(6)
Authors: Chang, Jui-Chuan; Jean, Jau-Ho

Vacuum-Assisted Microfluidic Lithography of Ceramic Microstructures
pp. 1171-1174(4)
Authors: Ahn, Sung-Jin; Moon, Jooho

Sol–Gel Synthesis and Characterization of Alumina–Calcium Hexaaluminate Composites
pp. 1175-1179(5)
Authors: Vishista, K.; Gnanam, F. D.; Awaji, H.

Structure Evolution of an NiO–YSZ Electrocatalytic Electrode
pp. 1180-1185(6)
Authors: Aronin, Alexander; Abrosimova, Galina; Bredikhin, Sergei; Matsuda, Kazuyuki; Maeda, Kunihiro; Awano, Masanobu

The Optical Properties and Band Gap Energy of Nanocrystalline La0.4Sr0.6TiO3 Thin Films
pp. 1186-1189(4)
Authors: Suzuki, Toshio; Jasinski, Piotr; Petrovsky, Vladimir; Anderson, Harlan U.

Processing and Piezoelectric Properties of Lead-Free (K,Na) (Nb,Ta) O3 Ceramics
pp. 1190-1196(7)
Authors: Matsubara, Masato; Yamaguchi, Toshiaki; Sakamoto, Wataru; Kikuta, Koichi; Yogo, Toshinobu; Hirano, Shin-ichi

Effect of Stacking Layers on the Microwave Dielectric Properties of MgTiO3/CaTiO3 Multilayered Thin Films
pp. 1197-1200(4)
Authors: Lee, Byoung Duk; Lee, Hong Ryul; Yoon, Ki Hyun; Kang, Dong Heon

Preparation of Single-Phase High Tc Superconductor (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox (2223) with Hg Substitution
pp. 1201-1204(4)
Authors: Mackinnon, Christopher W.; Li, Deyu; Low, It-Meng

Effects of the Weak Absorption Tail on the Transmission Loss of Ge–Sb–Se Optical Fibers
pp. 1205-1208(4)
Authors: Jin Chung, Woon; Je Park, Bong; Seok Seo, Hong; Tae Ahn, Joon; Lee, Myung-Hyun; Choi, Yong Gyu

Structural Variation of the BaTi4O9 Thin Films Grown by RF Magnetron Sputtering
pp. 1209-1212(4)
Authors: Jang, Bo-Yun; Jeong, Young-Hun; Lee, Suk-Jin; Lee, Kyong-Jae; Nahm, Sahn; Sun, Ho-Jung; Lee, Hwack-Joo

Direct Observations of Debonding of Reinforcing Grains in Silicon Nitride Ceramics Sintered with Yttria Plus Alumina Additives
pp. 1222-1226(5)
Authors: Becher, Paul F.; Painter, Gayle S.; Lance, Michael J.; Ii, Seiichiro; Ikuhara, Yuichi

The Mechanics of Indentation Induced Lateral Cracking
pp. 1233-1238(6)
Authors: Chen, Xi; Hutchinson, John W.; Evans, Anthony G.

Friction and Wear Properties of Si3N4/Carbon Fiber Composites with Aligned Microstructure
pp. 1239-1243(5)
Authors: Hyuga, Hideki; Jones, Mark I.; Hirao, Kiyoshi; Yamauchi, Yukihiko

Structural Behavior of Oxygen Permeable SrFe0.2Co0.8Ox Ceramic Membranes with and Without pO2 Gradients
pp. 1244-1252(9)
Authors: Li, Yaping; Maxey, Evan R.; Richardson, James W.

Atomic Force Microscopy Study and Qualitative Analysis of Martensite Relief in Zirconia
pp. 1261-1267(7)
Authors: Deville, Sylvain; Chevalier, Jérôme; El Attaoui, Hassan

Ti2ZrO Phases Formed in the Titanium and Zirconia Interface After Reaction at 1550°C
pp. 1268-1272(5)
Authors: Lin, Kun-Lin; Lin, Chien-Cheng

Microstructural Investigation of the Aging Behavior of (3Y-TZP)–Al2O3 Composites
pp. 1273-1280(8)
Authors: Deville, Sylvain; Chevalier, Jérôme; Dauvergne, Christelle; Fantozzi, Gilbert; Bartolomé, José F.; Moya, José S.; Torrecillas, Ramón

Ionic-Exchange Mechanism in the Formation of Medieval Luster Decorations
pp. 1281-1289(9)
Authors: Pradell, T.; Molera, J.; Roque, J.; Vendrell-Saz, M.; Smith, A. D.; Pantos, E.; Crespo, D.

The 1300°C Isothermal Section in the Ti–In–C Ternary Phase Diagram
pp. 1290-1296(7)
Authors: Ganguly, A.; Barsoum, M. W.; Schuster, J.

Microstructural Evolution on Firing Soda–Lime–Silica Glass Fluxed Whitewares
pp. 1302-1308(7)
Authors: Tarvornpanich, T.; Souza, G. P.; Lee, W. E.

Biocompatibility of Fluor-Hydroxyapatite Bioceramics
pp. 1309-1311(3)
Authors: Lee, Eun-Jung; Kim, Hae-Won; Kim, Hyoun-Ee

Characterization of Chemical Solution Deposition-Derived Lead Hafnate Titanate Thin Films
pp. 1312-1314(3)
Authors: Schorn, Peter Jörg; Schneller, Theodor; Böttger, Ulrich; Waser, Rainer

Crack Bifurcation at the Surface of Laminar Ceramics That Exhibit a Threshold Strength
pp. 1315-1317(3)
Authors: Pontin, Michael G.; Lange, Fred F.

Combustion Reaction During Mechanical Alloying Synthesis of Ti3SiC2 Ceramics from 3Ti/Si/2C Powder Mixture
pp. 1318-1320(3)
Authors: Li, Jing-Feng; Matsuki, Toshiro; Watanabe, Ryuzo

Degradation of Magnesium Aluminum Spinel by Lithium Fluoride Sintering Aid
pp. 1321-1322(2)
Authors: Villalobos, Guillermo R.; Sanghera, Jasbinder S.; Aggarwal, Ishwar D.

Influence of Planetary High-Energy Ball Milling on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Silicon Nitride Ceramics
pp. 1323-1326(4)
Authors: Liu, Xue-Jian; Huang, Zhi-Yong; Pu, Xi-Peng; Sun, Xing-Wei; Huang, Li-Ping

Thermal Performance of Mechanically Activated Tetracalcium Phosphate
pp. 1327-1330(4)
Authors: Gbureck, U.; Hofmann, M. P.; Barralet, J. E.

Cyclic Fatigue Crack Growth in PZT Under Mechanical Loading
pp. 1331-1333(3)
Authors: Salz, Christopher R. J.; Hoffman, Mark; Westram, Ilona; Rödel, Jürgen

Fabrication of Porous Hydroxyapatite Using Hydrothermal Hot Pressing and Post-Sintering
pp. 1334-1336(3)
Authors: Nakahira, A.; Murakami, T.; Onoki, T.; Hashida, T.; Hosoi, K.

Preparation of Ca3Co4O9 and Improvement of its Thermoelectric Properties by Spark Plasma Sintering
pp. 1337-1340(4)
Authors: Liu, Yuheng; Lin, Yuanhua; Shi, Zhan; Nan, Ce-Wen; Shen, Zhijian

Aqueous Synthesis of Y2O2S:Eu/Silica Core-Shell Particles
pp. 1341-1344(4)
Authors: Chung, Chau-Chyun; Jean, Jau-Ho

Compressibility and Phase Transition Kinetics of Lanthanide-Doped Zircon
pp. 1345-1348(4)
Authors: van Westrenen, Wim; Frank, Mark R.; Fei, Yingwei; Hanchar, John M.; Finch, Robert J.; Zha, Chang-Sheng

Low-Temperature Synthesis of Nanosized Bismuth Ferrite by Soft Chemical Route
pp. 1349-1352(4)
Authors: Ghosh, Sushmita; Dasgupta, Subrata; Sen, Amarnath; Sekhar Maiti, Himadri

Reaction-Formed Porous Yb4Si2N2O7 Materials with Uniform Open-Cell Network Structure
pp. 1353-1355(3)
Authors: Zhu, Xinwen; Zhou, You; Hirao, Kiyoshi

Thermal Expansion Properties of Lanthanum-Substituted Lead Titanate Ceramics
pp. 1356-1358(3)
Authors: Chen, Jun; Xing, Xianran; Yu, Ranbo; Liu, Guirong

Dry Powder Processing of Fibrous Fumed Silica Compacts for Thermal Insulation
pp. 1359-1361(3)
Authors: Abe, Hiroya; Abe, Isami; Sato, Kazuyoshi; Naito, Makio

Effect of Oxidation on Crack Deflection in SiC/Al2O3 Laminated Ceramic Composites
pp. 1362-1365(4)
Authors: Krishnamurthy, R.; Rankin, J.; Sheldon, B.W.

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