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Volume 25, Number 4, February 2007

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The development of the social brain in human infancy
pp. 909-919(11)
Authors: Grossmann, Tobias; Johnson, Mark H.

Synchrony of spontaneous calcium activity in mouse neocortex before synaptogenesis
pp. 920-928(9)
Authors: Platel, Jean-Claude; Dupuis, Alain; Boisseau, Sylvie; Villaz, Michel; Albrieux, Mireille; Brocard, Jacques

Spontaneous depolarization waves of multiple origins in the embryonic rat CNS
pp. 929-944(16)
Authors: Momose-Sato, Yoko; Sato, Katsushige; Kinoshita, Masae

A novel neurotransmitter-independent communication pathway between axons and glial cells
pp. 945-956(12)
Authors: Hartl, Sandra; Heil, Jan E.; Hirsekorn, Andrea; Lohr, Christian

A model for mammalian cochlear hair cell differentiation in vitro: effects of retinoic acid on cytoskeletal proteins and potassium conductances
pp. 957-973(17)
Authors: Helyer, R.; Cacciabue-Rivolta, D.; Davies, D.; Rivolta, M. N.; Kros, C. J.; Holley, M. C.

Neuronal differentiation of the early embryonic auditory hindbrain of the chicken in primary culture
pp. 974-984(11)
Authors: Kuenzel, Thomas; Mönig, Benedikt; Wagner, Hermann; Mey, Jörg; Luksch, Harald

Developmental changes in cell–extracellular matrix interactions limit proliferation in the mammalian inner ear
pp. 985-998(14)
Authors: Davies, Dawn; Magnus, Christopher; Corwin, Jeffrey T.

Lhx3, a LIM domain transcription factor, is regulated by Pou4f3 in the auditory but not in the vestibular system
pp. 999-1005(7)
Authors: Hertzano, Ronna; Dror, Amiel A.; Montcouquiol, Mireille; Ahmed, Zubair M.; Ellsworth, Buffy; Camper, Sally; Friedman, Thomas B.; Kelley, Matthew W.; Avraham, Karen B.

Differential neurogenesis in the adult rat dentate gyrus: an identifiable zone that consistently lacks neurogenesis
pp. 1023-1029(7)
Authors: Melvin, Neal R.; Spanswick, Simon C.; Lehmann, Hugo; Sutherland, Robert J.

Sex differences in adult cell proliferation within the zebrafish (Danio rerio) cerebellum
pp. 1030-1040(11)
Authors: Ampatzis, Konstantinos; Dermon, Catherine R.

Mechanism of insulin-like growth factor I-mediated proliferation of adult neural progenitor cells: role of Akt
pp. 1041-1048(8)
Authors: Kalluri, Haviryaji S. G.; Vemuganti, Raghu; Dempsey, Robert J.

Characterization of a transneuronal cytokine family Cbln − regulation of secretion by heteromeric assembly
pp. 1049-1057(9)
Authors: Iijima, Takatoshi; Miura, Eriko; Matsuda, Keiko; Kamekawa, Yuichi; Watanabe, Masahiko; Yuzaki, Michisuke

MAPKs are key players in mediating cytokine release and cell death induced by unconjugated bilirubin in cultured rat cortical astrocytes
pp. 1058-1068(11)
Authors: Fernandes, Adelaide; Falcão, Ana S.; Silva, Rui F. M.; Brito, Maria A.; Brites, Dora

PKCε induces astrocyte stellation by modulating multiple cytoskeletal proteins and interacting with Rho A signalling pathways: implications for neuroinflammation
pp. 1069-1078(10)
Authors: Burgos, Miguel; Calvo, Soledad; Molina, Francisca; Vaquero, Cecilia F.; Samarel, Allen; Llopis, Juan; Tranque, Pedro

Axonal accumulation of synaptic markers in APP transgenic Drosophila depends on the NPTY motif and is paralleled by defects in synaptic plasticity
pp. 1079-1086(8)
Authors: Rusu, Patricia; Jansen, Anna; Soba, Peter; Kirsch, Joachim; Löwer, Alexander; Merdes, Gunter; Kuan, Yung-Hui; Jung, Anita; Beyreuther, Konrad; Kjaerulff, Ole; Kins, Stefan

Alteration of the cell adhesion molecule L1 expression in a specific subset of primary afferent neurons contributes to neuropathic pain
pp. 1097-1111(15)
Authors: Yamanaka, Hiroki; Obata, Koichi; Kobayashi, Kimiko; Dai, Yi; Fukuoka, Tetsuo; Noguchi, Koichi

Regulation of the subthreshold chloride conductance in the rat sympathetic neuron
pp. 1112-1126(15)
Authors: Sacchi, Oscar; Rossi, Maria Lisa; Canella, Rita; Fesce, Riccardo

Neuropeptide Y suppresses absence seizures in a genetic rat model primarily through effects on Y2 receptors
pp. 1136-1143(8)
Authors: Morris, Margaret J.; Gannan, Emma; Stroud, Leanne M.; Beck-Sickinger, Annette G.; O'Brien, Terence J.

Impact of S100B on local field potential patterns in anesthetized and kainic acid-induced seizure conditions in vivo
pp. 1144-1154(11)
Authors: Sakatani, Seiichi; Seto-Ohshima, Akiko; Itohara, Shigeyoshi; Hirase, Hajime

A numerical study of red–green colour opponent properties in the primate retina
pp. 1155-1165(11)
Authors: Momiji, Hiroshi; Hankins, Mark W.; Bharath, Anil A.; Kennard, Christopher

Lateralized activation of Cluster N in the brains of migratory songbirds
pp. 1166-1173(8)
Authors: Liedvogel, Miriam; Feenders, Gesa; Wada, Kazuhiro; Troje, Nikolaus F.; Jarvis, Erich D.; Mouritsen, Henrik

High-frequency stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus modulates the activity of pedunculopontine neurons through direct activation of excitatory fibres as well as through indirect activation of inhibitory pallidal fibres in the rat
pp. 1174-1186(13)
Authors: Florio, Tiziana; Scarnati, Eugenio; Confalone, Giuseppina; Minchella, Daniela; Galati, Salvatore; Stanzione, Paolo; Stefani, Alessandro; Mazzone, Paolo

Bilateral high-frequency stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus on attentional performance: transient deleterious effects and enhanced motivation in both intact and parkinsonian rats
pp. 1187-1194(8)
Authors: Baunez, Christelle; Christakou, Anastasia; Chudasama, Yogita; Forni, Claude; Robbins, Trevor W.

Disruption of noradrenergic transmission and the behavioural response to a novel environment in NK1R–/– mice
pp. 1195-1204(10)
Authors: Fisher, Amy S.; Stewart, R. John; Yan, Ting; Hunt, Stephen P.; Stanford, S. Clare

Plasticity of inhibitory synaptic network interactions in the lateral amygdala upon fear conditioning in mice
pp. 1205-1211(7)
Authors: Szinyei, Csaba; Narayanan, Rajeevan T.; Pape, Hans-Christian

Changes in activity of the striatum during formation of a motor habit
pp. 1212-1227(16)
Authors: Tang, Chengke; Pawlak, Anthony P.; Prokopenko, Volodymyr; West, Mark O.

Differential cortical activity for precision and whole-hand visually guided grasping in humans
pp. 1245-1252(8)
Authors: Begliomini, Chiara; Wall, Matthew B.; Smith, Andrew T.; Castiello, Umberto

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