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Volume 167, Number 3, 1 September 2012

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Photodynamic therapy and immunosuppression
pp. 465-467(3)
Author: Ibbotson, S.H.

A review of monochromatic excimer light in vitiligo
pp. 468-478(11)
Authors: Park, K.K.; Liao, W.; Murase, J.E.

Stem cells and alopecia: a review of pathogenesis
pp. 479-484(6)
Authors: Al‐Refu, K.

Aberrant C nerve fibre function of the healthy scalp
pp. 485-489(5)
Authors: Bin Saif, G.A.; Alajroush, A.; McMichael, A.; Kwatra, S.G.; Chan, Y.‐H.; McGlone, F.; Yosipovitch, G.

Pre‐ vs. post‐pubertal onset of vitiligo: multivariate analysis indicates atopic diathesis association in pre‐pubertal onset vitiligo
pp. 490-495(6)
Authors: Ezzedine, K.; Diallo, A.; Léauté‐Labrèze, C.; Seneschal, J.; Boniface, K.; Cario‐André, M.; Prey, S.; Ballanger, F.; Boralevi, F.; Jouary, T.; Mossalayi, D.; Taieb, A.

Topical cis‐urocanic acid attenuates oedema and erythema in acute and subacute skin inflammation in the mouse
pp. 506-513(8)
Authors: Laihia, J.K.; Taimen, P.; Kujari, H.; Leino, L.

X‐linked recessive ichthyosis: an impaired barrier function evokes limited gene responses before and after moisturizing treatments
pp. 514-522(9)
Authors: Hoppe, T.; Winge, M.C.G.; Bradley, M.; Nordenskjöld, M.; Vahlquist, A.; Berne, B.; Törmä, H.

Aberrant epigenetic modifications in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with pemphigus vulgaris
pp. 523-531(9)
Authors: Zhao, M.; Huang, W.; Zhang, Q.; Gao, F.; Wang, L.; Zhang, G.; Su, Y.; Xiao, R.; Zhang, J.; Tang, M.; Cheng, W.; Tan, Y.; Lu, Q.

Augmented production of soluble CD93 in patients with systemic sclerosis and clinical association with severity of skin sclerosis
pp. 542-547(6)
Authors: Yanaba, K.; Asano, Y.; Noda, S.; Akamata, K.; Aozasa, N.; Taniguchi, T.; Takahashi, T.; Ichimura, Y.; Toyama, T.; Sumida, H.; Kuwano, Y.; Tada, Y.; Sugaya, M.; Kadono, T.; Sato, S.

Characteristic dermoscopic features of primary cutaneous amyloidosis: a study of 35 cases
pp. 548-554(7)
Authors: Chuang, Y.Y.; Lee, D.D.; Lin, C.S.; Chang, Y.J.; Tanaka, M.; Chang, Y.T.; Liu, H.N.

The role of prior corticosteroid use on the clinical course of Stevens–Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis: a case–control analysis of patients selected from the multinational EuroSCAR and RegiSCAR studies
pp. 555-562(8)
Authors: Lee, H.Y.; Dunant, A.; Sekula, P.; Mockenhaupt, M.; Wolkenstein, P.; Valeyrie‐Allanore, L.; Naldi, L.; Halevy, S.; Roujeau, J.C.

Pilot study of intense pulsed light for the treatment of systemic sclerosis‐related telangiectases
pp. 563-569(7)
Authors: Murray, A.K.; Moore, T.L.; Richards, H.; Ennis, H.; Griffiths, C.E.M.; Herrick, A.L.

Aquagenic (pseudo) keratoderma: a clinical series with new pathological insights
pp. 575-582(8)
Authors: Rongioletti, F.; Tomasini, C.; Crovato, F.; Marchesi, L.

Epigenetic inactivation of the E‐cadherin gene in eyelid sebaceous gland carcinoma
pp. 583-590(8)
Authors: Jayaraj, P.; Sen, S.; Sharma, A.; Chosdol, K.; Kashyap, S.; Rai, A.; Pushker, N.; Bajaj, M.S.; Ghose, S.

The expression of antimicrobial peptides is significantly altered in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma and precursor lesions
pp. 591-597(7)
Authors: Scola, N.; Gambichler, T.; Saklaoui, H.; Bechara, F.G.; Georgas, D.; Stücker, M.; Gläser, R.; Kreuter, A.

A study on the epidemiology of rosacea in the U.K.
pp. 598-605(8)
Authors: Spoendlin, J.; Voegel, J.J.; Jick, S.S.; Meier, C.R.

Up‐to‐date results on survival of patients with melanoma in Germany
pp. 606-612(7)
Authors: Eisemann, N.; Jansen, L.; Holleczek, B.; Waldmann, A.; Luttmann, S.; Emrich, K.; Hauschild, A.; Brenner, H.; Katalinic, A.; the GEKID Survival Working Groupcr10

The needs of parents with children suffering from lethal epidermolysis bullosa
pp. 613-618(6)
Authors: Yuen, W.Y.; Duipmans, J.C.; Jonkman, M.F.

Treatment of infantile haemangioma with captopril
pp. 619-624(6)
Authors: Tan, S.T.; Itinteang, T.; Day, D.J.; O’Donnell, C.; Mathy, J.A.; Leadbitter, P.

Nicotinamide reduces photodynamic therapy‐induced immunosuppression in humans
pp. 631-636(6)
Authors: Thanos, S.M.; Halliday, G.M.; Damian, D.L.

Significant delay in the introduction of systemic treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis: a prospective multicentre observational study in outpatients from hospital dermatology departments in France
pp. 643-648(6)
Authors: Maza, A.; Richard, M.A.; Aubin, F.; Ortonne, J.P.; Prey, S.; Bachelez, H.; Beylot‐Barry, M.; Bulai‐Livideanu, C.; Lahfa, M.; Nougué, J.; Mengual, X.; Le Moigne, M.; Lauwers‐Cances, V.; Paul, C.

A randomized, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled study to evaluate the addition of methotrexate to etanercept in patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis
pp. 649-657(9)
Authors: Gottlieb, A.B.; Langley, R.G.; Strober, B.E.; Papp, K.A.; Klekotka, P.; Creamer, K.; Thompson, E.H.Z.; Hooper, M.; Kricorian, G.

Efficacy and safety of tofacitinib, an oral Janus kinase inhibitor, in the treatment of psoriasis: a Phase 2b randomized placebo‐controlled dose‐ranging study
pp. 668-677(10)
Authors: Papp, K.A.; Menter, A.; Strober, B.; Langley, R.G.; Buonanno, M.; Wolk, R.; Gupta, P.; Krishnaswami, S.; Tan, H.; Harness, J.A.

Evidence for vitamin D deficiency and increased prevalence of fractures in autoimmune bullous skin diseases
pp. 688-691(4)
Authors: Marzano, A.V.; Trevisan, V.; Eller‐Vainicher, C.; Cairoli, E.; Marchese, L.; Morelli, V.; Beck‐Peccoz, P.; Crosti, C.; Chiodini, I.

Reflectance mode confocal microscopy and digital image analysis in naevus of Hori and pathogenetic evaluation
pp. 692-694(3)
Authors: Pistone, G.; Doukaki, S.; Rizzo, D.; Aricò, M.; Bongiorno, M.R.

Primary cicatricial alopecias: a U.K. survey
pp. 694-697(4)
Authors: Griffin, L.L.; Michaelides, C.; Griffiths, C.E.M.; Paus, R.; Harries, M.J.

A puzzling mutation in congenital erythropoietic porphyria and an association with β‐thalassaemia trait
pp. 697-699(3)
Authors: Maakaron, J.E.; Abdel Malak, O.; Itani, S.; Cappellini, M.D.; Di Pierro, E.; Brancaleoni, V.; Granata, F.; Taher, A.T.

A novel IL36RN/IL1F5 homozygous nonsense mutation, p.Arg10X, in a Japanese patient with adult‐onset generalized pustular psoriasis
pp. 699-701(3)
Authors: Sugiura, K.; Takeichi, T.; Kono, M.; Ogawa, Y.; Shimoyama, Y.; Muro, Y.; Akiyama, M.

The utility of the ‘book biopsy’ in Mohs micrographic surgery
pp. 701-703(3)
Authors: Hussain, W.; Hafiji, J.; Salmon, P.

Caution in melanoma risk analysis with smartphone application technology
pp. 703-704(2)
Authors: Robson, Y.; Blackford, S.; Roberts, D.

News and Notices
pp. 704-705(2)

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