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Volume 354, Number 9, 18 June 2012

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Exploiting Acyl and Enol Azolium Intermediates
pp. 1617-1639(23)
Authors: Vora, Harit U.; Wheeler, Philip; Rovis, Tomislav

A Scalable, Efficient Gold‐Catalyzed Oxidative Phosphonation of
pp. 1646-1650(5)
Authors: Xie, Jin; Li, Huamin; Xue, Qicai; Cheng, Yixiang; Zhu, Chengjian

Phosphite‐Gold(I)‐Catalyzed [2+2] Intermolecular Cycloaddition of Enol Ethers with
pp. 1651-1657(7)
Authors: Suárez‐Pantiga, Samuel; Hernández‐Díaz, Cristina; Piedrafita, María; Rubio, Eduardo; González, José M.

Gold(I)‐Catalyzed Intermolecular [2+2] Cycloadditions between Allenamides and Alkenes
pp. 1658-1664(7)
Authors: Faustino, Hélio; Bernal, Paloma; Castedo, Luis; López, Fernando; Mascareñas, José L.

Enantioselective Synthesis of 4‐Isoxazolines by 1,3‐Dipolar Cycloadditions of Nitrones to Alkynals Catalyzed by Fluorodiphenylmethylpyrrolidines
pp. 1665-1671(7)
Authors: Alemán, José; Fraile, Alberto; Marzo, Leyre; Ruano, José Luis García; Izquierdo, Cristina; Díaz‐Tendero, Sergio

Samarium‐Promoted Asymmetric Aldol–Tishchenko Reaction: Synthesis of Amino Acid‐Derived 4‐Amino‐1,3‐diols
pp. 1679-1684(6)
Authors: Rodríguez‐Solla, Humberto; Concellón, Carmen; Tuya, Paula; García‐Granda, Santiago; Díaz, M. Rosario

Alkylboronic Esters from Palladium‐ and Nickel‐Catalyzed Borylation of Primary and Secondary Alkyl Bromides
pp. 1685-1691(7)
Authors: Yi, Jun; Liu, Jin‐Hui; Liang, Jun; Dai, Jian‐Jun; Yang, Chu‐Ting; Fu, Yao; Liu, Lei

Palladium‐Catalyzed Selective CH Benzylation towards Functionalized Azoles with a Quaternary Carbon Center
pp. 1692-1700(9)
Authors: Xie, Pan; Huang, Hanmin; Xie, Yinjun; Guo, Shengmei; Xia, Chungu

Catalytic Asymmetric Epoxidation of 2‐Cyclopentenones
pp. 1701-1706(6)
Authors: Lee, Anna; Reisinger, Corinna M.; List, Benjamin

Unprecedented Selective Oxidation of Styrene Derivatives using a Supported Iron Oxide Nanocatalyst in Aqueous Medium
pp. 1707-1711(5)
Authors: Rajabi, Fatemeh; Karimi, Nafiseh; Saidi, Mohammad Reza; Primo, Ana; Varma, Rajender S.; Luque, Rafael

Dithiolane‐Directed Tandem Oxidation/1,2‐Benzyl Migration of Tetramic Acids under Ambient Conditions
pp. 1712-1716(5)
Authors: Li, Yifei; Xu, Xianxiu; Xia, Chunyu; Pan, Ling; Liu, Qun

Electrochemically Initiated Tandem and Sequential Conjugate Addition Processes: One‐Pot Synthesis of Diverse Functionalized Isoindolinones
pp. 1717-1724(8)
Authors: Antico, Pasqualmorica; Capaccio, Vito; Di Mola, Antonia; Massa, Antonio; Palombi, Laura

One‐Pot Cascade Reactions using Fructose‐6‐phosphate Aldolase: Efficient Synthesis of
pp. 1725-1730(6)
Authors: Sánchez‐Moreno, Israel; Hélaine, Virgil; Poupard, Nicolas; Charmantray, Franck; Légeret, Bertrand; Hecquet, Laurence; García‐Junceda, Eduardo; Wohlgemuth, Roland; Guérard‐Hélaine, Christine; Lemaire, Marielle

The Substrate Spectrum of the Inverting
pp. 1737-1742(6)
Authors: Schober, Markus; Knaus, Tanja; Toesch, Michael; Macheroux, Peter; Wagner, Ulrike; Faber, Kurt

Access to Enantiopure α‐Alkyl‐β‐hydroxy Esters through Dynamic Kinetic Resolutions Employing Purified/Overexpressed Alcohol Dehydrogenases
pp. 1743-1749(7)
Authors: Cuetos, Aníbal; Rioz‐Martínez, Ana; Bisogno, Fabricio R.; Grischek, Barbara; Lavandera, Iván; de Gonzalo, Gonzalo; Kroutil, Wolfgang; Gotor, Vicente

Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of GDP‐
pp. 1750-1758(9)
Authors: Lin, Yu‐Nong; Stein, Daniel; Lin, Sheng‐Wei; Chang, Sue‐Ming; Lin, Ting‐Chien; Chuang, Yu‐Ruei; Gervay‐Hague, Jacquelyn; Narimatsu, Hisashi; Lin, Chun‐Hung

Octanoyldimethylglycine Trifluoroethyl Ester, an Acyl Donor Leading to Highly Enantioselective Protease‐Catalysed Kinetic Resolution of Amines
pp. 1759-1764(6)
Authors: Queyroy, Severine; Vanthuyne, Nicolas; Gastaldi, Stéphane; Bertrand, Michèle P.; Gil, Gérard

Stereospecific Reduction of Methyl
pp. 1765-1772(8)
Authors: Ma, Hongmin; Yang, Linlin; Ni, Yan; Zhang, Jie; Li, Chun‐Xiu; Zheng, Gao‐Wei; Yang, Huaiyu; Xu, Jian‐He

Evaluation of the Chiral DIANANE Backbone as Ligand for Organolithium Reagents
pp. 1780-1790(11)
Authors: Praz, Jezabel; Guénée, Laure; Aziz, Sarwar; Berkessel, Albrecht; Alexakis, Alexandre

Three‐Step One‐Pot Synthesis of Imidazo[2,1‐
pp. 1791-1796(6)
Authors: Roehrs, Juliano Alex; Pistoia, Renan P.; Back, Davi F.; Zeni, Gilson

One‐Pot Three‐Component Click Reaction of Cyclic Sulfates and Cyclic Sulfamidates
pp. 1797-1803(7)
Authors: Megia‐Fernandez, Alicia; Ortega‐Muñoz, Mariano; Hernandez‐Mateo, Fernando; Santoyo‐Gonzalez, Francisco

Asymmetric Homogeneous Hydrogenation in Flow using a Tube‐in‐Tube Reactor
pp. 1805-1812(8)
Authors: Newton, Sean; Ley, Steven V.; Arcé, Eva Casas; Grainger, Damian M.

Transition Metal‐Free Stereoselective α‐Vinylation of Cyclic Ketones with Arylacetylenes in the Superbasic Catalytic Triad Potassium Hydroxide/
pp. 1813-1818(6)
Authors: Trofimov, Boris A.; Schmidt, Elena Yu.; Zorina, Nadezhda V.; Ivanova, Elena V.; Ushakov, Igor' A.; Mikhaleva, Al'bina I.

Synthesis of Dibenzothiophenes and Carbazoles by Sequential ‘Tetra‐Fold Heck/6 π‐Electrocyclization/Dehydrogenation’ Reactions of Tetrabromothiophene and Tetrabromo‐
pp. 1819-1826(8)
Authors: Toguem, Serge‐Mithérand Tengho; Knepper, Ingo; Ehlers, Peter; Dang, Tung T.; Patonay, Tamás; Langer, Peter

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